START with a simple idea

START with a simple idea

Here at START Communications we understand the importance of an idea and how a well developed concept can make you stand out from your competition.

Recently we’ve been involved in a series of interesting projects. From a brochure project for the forest industry, to redefining the identity of a cleaning product, from food packaging for tasty bakery treats, through to developing a successful campaign which we designed a website and slogan, an APP, and an interactive display to assist our client in getting their message out.

The one linking factor to all of these projects is that we worked hard to create an idea, a strategy, with which to structure our marketing tools and make sure you connect to your own customers.

We work in a time where design, brand and technology all meet in the middle—making some amazing and new things possible. We’re passionate about these things and what we do for a living, and we want you to feel the same way about your brand. If this strikes a chord with your business then don’t hesitate in getting in contact with us. We are here to help.

Design solutions that are right from the START.™

Christmas Card Start Communications

2016 START Communications Printed Christmas Card

Roosevelt Elk
A majority of the 3,000 Roosevelt Elk on Vancouver Island are found north of Campbell River. Roosevelt Elk are herd-living mammals and are the largest in the elk family. A full grown bull can weigh 1,100 lbs, stand 5 feet tall at the shoulders and be 10 feet in length. The large forked cylindrical antlers sweep upward and back over the shoulders are most impressive, reaching up to 62 inches. Roosevelt Elk are a grazer during the warm months of the year, preferring grasses, new shoots, and sedges; and is a browser in the winter, preferring the small, woody plants that remain leafy during the cold. During the holiday season they have been known to gather together in large groups, commonly known as herds, wearing bright red scarfs and savouring candy canes while enjoying the islands beautiful scenery.

A donation has been made to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, which provides educational, recreational, and leadership development opportunities for young people across Canada.

“Christmas Elk”, Watercolour, Eric Beal

Thank you Start Communications Graphic Design

Thank you for the design referrals!

At START, we had an exceptionally busy summer. Designing everything from logos for products, websites for large national corporations to small but very important sales materials for trade shows. The unique thing about all of this is, it was all referred work, our current clients referring work back to us, what a compliment!

This never goes unnoticed, gifts were sent out to all of these thoughtful clients who took the time to remember us, our way of saying thank you and we appreciate having the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to establishing these new relationships and helping our clients get noticed and succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Thank you for allowing us to do what we love best…design.

Design solutions that are right from the START.

“Adobe InDesign CC will not package my files (Mac)”

This is a common problem I ran into when I first started into InDesign CC a while ago (2014) and I see people are still experiencing problems. There are many blogs and websites which try to answer this problem, but, for the most part they fall short of resolving the problem. So for all of my fellow InDesign CC users who want to package their documents/send to a printer/and get back to designing, here is the answer to your problem.

1. The problem is with the name of your InDesign CC file. Remove all weird characters (-!&.=+) which you would not normally find in a file name. Do not place more than one period (.) in the name, use just one before the extension (.indd). It’s surprising how much time a small period (.) can waste. I do not even use dashes anymore. Double check to make sure it is clean of “weird characters”.

2. Next, shorten the file name. Adobe Photoshop will automatically truncate file names to 31 characters and you should do the same manually for InDesign CC. I keep my files to less than 25 characters and have no problems. I have also carried this procedure over into naming all my files no matter what program since I believe this will be a common procedure down the digital road.

Ensure everything is linking properly and you should be good to go. The hours you have spent trying to package your files, which usually takes a few seconds, have finally come to an end.

QR Code

QR code, excellent!

Look at what Rio De Janeiro have done. Good use of a QR code. Excellent!

Via epundit

Down East Laundry Detergent QR Code

Product Packaging–Pushes Boundaries, QR Code

Our packaging design of Down East Liquid Laundry Detergent is not only urging customers to go scent free with an ECOLOGO certified product when washing clothes—it also pushes the boundaries of promotional packaging with a clear QR code call to action message on the “front”.

The QR code placement on the front allows customers to scan the code with their mobile device directly from the grocery store shelf to learn more about the product and all the other great products within the Down East family of products.

We have not seen any other manufacturer in the premium fabric care market using QR codes on their products, especially on the “front” of their products. To us it provides convenience to the consumer to easily learn more about the product and possible exposure to other Down East products. Kudos to Down East!

More about QR Codes >>

graphic design

“Graphic Design – overview”

We are a highly talented graphic design company. We have the ability to produce stunning work that will add real value to your brand. Over the years we have worked for large national corporations to small mom-and-pop operations.

Our process is easy for our customers. We love to design, but, we also want to see our designs produced exactly as envisioned. This is why we also manage the printing process, this is one less thing for you to worry about. We are experts at briefing printers and we’ll make sure everything is done to the highest standard. The same process is used when we design for the web.

Other companies will hand you your design and leave you to deal with the printing — it’s less hassle for them. At START Communications, we think this is unfair to you.

It’s important to us to ensure that the highest standards are met from start to finish. We are only happy when you have a finished printed product in your hands that you are completely satisfied with.

To find out more information about our graphic design services, please contact us or request a quote for your project.

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