Down East Laundry Detergent QR Code

Product Packaging–Pushes Boundaries, QR Code

Our packaging design of Down East Liquid Laundry Detergent is not only urging customers to go scent free with an ECOLOGO certified product when washing clothes—it also pushes the boundaries of promotional packaging with a clear QR code call to action message on the “front”.

The QR code placement on the front allows customers to scan the code with their mobile device directly from the grocery store shelf to learn more about the product and all the other great products within the Down East family of products.

We have not seen any other manufacturer in the premium fabric care market using QR codes on their products, especially on the “front” of their products. To us it provides convenience to the consumer to easily learn more about the product and possible exposure to other Down East products. Kudos to Down East!

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