Logo Design

At START, we strive to become a long-term trusted creative partner that can help you visually define your voice.
New logo for 2018! Online product Health Career Now.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design that POPS

Customers are drawn, more than anything, to products that look good. Something that is well designed and interesting is bound to attract more potential customers than a product that is poorly designed and looks bland. This is the importance of packaging design.

A good design should always reflect the product and personality of the company. There is more, however, to packaging design than simply ensuring a package looks appealing. At START, we think carefully about everything from the shape of the package, to the materials used and of course its functionality. In a world overflowing with product choices, packaging design is increasingly important.

Contact START now for packaging design that stands out on the shelf.  Check out our Packaging Design Process: “Package Design That Gets Noticed”


Wayfinding and Sign Design Services

Wayfinding and Sign Design

To help people interact with their environment, you need clear, consistent signs. The potential value to signs goes beyond identity and navigation. Signs provide opportunities to establish a mood and transform a flat dull space into a fresh, memorable place with character. START Communications offers both wayfinding strategy and sign design services, including development of navigation, exhibit, interpretive, regulatory signs and environmental graphics.
At START Communications we have designed signs, sign programs and wayfinding plans for a wide range of environments, including professional office buildings, pulp & paper mills, oil and natural gas facilities, manufacturing plants, retail spaces, plus interpretive and trade show displays & signs. We go the extra mile for our clients, overseeing the entire project, fabricator bidding, production and installation. We make the whole process easy.

  • Wayfinding and sign design can help visitors and employees easily navigate to their destination
  • Prevent accidents from happening
  • Unify a space through a common identity
  • Establish a character and mood for an environment
  • Create a memorable sense of “place”
  • Improve awareness of surroundings and offerings
  • Improve building accessibility, efficiency and traffic flow
  • Support and demonstrate customer service
  • Compliment the architecture of a built environment

Benefits that increase sales

  • Improved perception of “place” builds greater trust and brand recognition
  • A clear, “friendly” environment increases duration and frequency of use
  • Greater coordination improves customer service efficiency and effectiveness
  • Clear, understanding improves environment navigation and efficiency

Wayfinding and sign design service offerings

START Communications sign and wayfinding strategy services involve developing standards and effective plans for navigation, sign location and sign messaging. Our sign design services include sign structure development, sign graphics and design documentation. All in coordination with the local architecture, branding, and maintenance considerations.

  • Wayfinding auditing and evaluation
  • Wayfinding strategy development
  • Routing & navigation planning
  • Sign location planning
  • Sign message programming
  • Sign and environmental graphics design
  • Interpretive and exhibit sign design
  • Map and directory development
  • Iconography and pictogram development
  • Sign manual development

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Christmas Card Start Communications

2016 START Communications Printed Christmas Card

Roosevelt Elk
A majority of the 3,000 Roosevelt Elk on Vancouver Island are found north of Campbell River. Roosevelt Elk are herd-living mammals and are the largest in the elk family. A full grown bull can weigh 1,100 lbs, stand 5 feet tall at the shoulders and be 10 feet in length. The large forked cylindrical antlers sweep upward and back over the shoulders are most impressive, reaching up to 62 inches. Roosevelt Elk are a grazer during the warm months of the year, preferring grasses, new shoots, and sedges; and is a browser in the winter, preferring the small, woody plants that remain leafy during the cold. During the holiday season they have been known to gather together in large groups, commonly known as herds, wearing bright red scarfs and savouring candy canes while enjoying the islands beautiful scenery.

A donation has been made to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, which provides educational, recreational, and leadership development opportunities for young people across Canada.

“Christmas Elk”, Watercolour, Eric Beal

Thank you Start Communications Graphic Design

Thank you for the design referrals!

At START, we had an exceptionally busy summer. Designing everything from logos for products, websites for large national corporations to small but very important sales materials for trade shows. The unique thing about all of this is, it was all referred work, our current clients referring work back to us, what a compliment!

This never goes unnoticed, gifts were sent out to all of these thoughtful clients who took the time to remember us, our way of saying thank you and we appreciate having the opportunity to serve you. We look forward to establishing these new relationships and helping our clients get noticed and succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Thank you for allowing us to do what we love best…design.

Design solutions that are right from the START.


Your Logo is how People Recognize your Product or Company

When you think of great products or companies, the visual image that forms in your head is probably that of their logo; Apple’s apple, Michelin and the Michelin man, Ford using the serif font within a blue oval, Nike’s well known swoosh, GAP iconic blue box. The deep-rooted value of a quality logo reflects that the product or company is well established. A kind of trust relationship of the product or company begins.

At START Communications, we have a process of building memorable logos that last. We will ensure that your business stands apart in a competitive marketplace. Please take a moment and look through Our work, you will see examples of logos before and after we worked on them.


Why do I need a logo?

Increased Sales
A high quality and consistent logo makes your company instantly recognizable. That recognition factor helps build brand loyalty which leads to increased sales and referability.

Cost and Time Savings
An established set of brand standards gives you the tools you need to produce signage, marketing materials, packaging and digital assets, saving you time and money.

Customer Confidence
A strong brand communicates that you’re a reliable professional. It not only increases the likelihood that customers will buy from you, but also increases the amount they’re willing to pay.

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Start Communications Nice things customers say, graphic design campbell river courtenay comox

“Nice Things Customers Say”

Thank you!

“Adobe InDesign CC will not package my files (Mac)”

This is a common problem I ran into when I first started into InDesign CC a while ago (2014) and I see people are still experiencing problems. There are many blogs and websites which try to answer this problem, but, for the most part they fall short of resolving the problem. So for all of my fellow InDesign CC users who want to package their documents/send to a printer/and get back to designing, here is the answer to your problem.

1. The problem is with the name of your InDesign CC file. Remove all weird characters (-!&.=+) which you would not normally find in a file name. Do not place more than one period (.) in the name, use just one before the extension (.indd). It’s surprising how much time a small period (.) can waste. I do not even use dashes anymore. Double check to make sure it is clean of “weird characters”.

2. Next, shorten the file name. Adobe Photoshop will automatically truncate file names to 31 characters and you should do the same manually for InDesign CC. I keep my files to less than 25 characters and have no problems. I have also carried this procedure over into naming all my files no matter what program since I believe this will be a common procedure down the digital road.

Ensure everything is linking properly and you should be good to go. The hours you have spent trying to package your files, which usually takes a few seconds, have finally come to an end.

mobilegeddon Start Communications Graphic Design Campbell River Courtenay Comox Vancouver Island

“Google’s Mobilegeddon…is your website ready?”

Over the last few years we have **written a few articles and talked to clients in great length concerning the importance of having your website mobile friendly (responsive design website).

Starting April 21, Google will use mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in searches (noted on Google’s blog). This means if your competitor(s) have a responsive design website (mobile friendly) they will more than likely move ahead of you in the search results, dropping your website further down in the rankings.

Google is only keeping up with the profound use of mobile devices, providing optimized search results for their customers. We have all been there, visiting a website which is ‘not’ mobile friendly, not a pleasant experience. These none-mobile friendly websites will be eliminated from the rankings giving responsive design websites their day in the sun.

Is your website ready? If not, contact us, we can help!


(**February 7, 2013 “Responsive Website Design is the Smart Solution for Business”,  January 20, 2015 “Websites get Freshened up and a Boost from Mobile Traffic”)

iPad Fisherman

“Photo Manipulation”

“Retouching, Simple Editing, Mass Colour Correction, Fashion or Product Photos, Special Effects…not a problem”

Almost every project we work on contains some sort of photo manipulation. Whether it’s a simple colour correction or a custom build combining 3-4 photos to create one. No matter what needs to be done we have the creative talent and over 20 years experience of bringing photos to life.

Do you have a project in-mind that may require photo manipulation? Contact us today >>


(Photo above: iPad Fisherman consisted of 3 photos to create one high resolution photo.)