“Adobe InDesign CC will not package my files (Mac)”

This is a common problem I ran into when I first started into InDesign CC a while ago (2014) and I see people are still experiencing problems. There are many blogs and websites which try to answer this problem, but, for the most part they fall short of resolving the problem. So for all of my fellow InDesign CC users who want to package their documents/send to a printer/and get back to designing, here is the answer to your problem.

1. The problem is with the name of your InDesign CC file. Remove all weird characters (-!&.=+) which you would not normally find in a file name. Do not place more than one period (.) in the name, use just one before the extension (.indd). It’s surprising how much time a small period (.) can waste. I do not even use dashes anymore. Double check to make sure it is clean of “weird characters”.

2. Next, shorten the file name. Adobe Photoshop will automatically truncate file names to 31 characters and you should do the same manually for InDesign CC. I keep my files to less than 25 characters and have no problems. I have also carried this procedure over into naming all my files no matter what program since I believe this will be a common procedure down the digital road.

Ensure everything is linking properly and you should be good to go. The hours you have spent trying to package your files, which usually takes a few seconds, have finally come to an end.