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“Google’s Mobilegeddon…is your website ready?”

Over the last few years we have **written a few articles and talked to clients in great length concerning the importance of having your website mobile friendly (responsive design website).

Starting April 21, Google will use mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in searches (noted on Google’s blog). This means if your competitor(s) have a responsive design website (mobile friendly) they will more than likely move ahead of you in the search results, dropping your website further down in the rankings.

Google is only keeping up with the profound use of mobile devices, providing optimized search results for their customers. We have all been there, visiting a website which is ‘not’ mobile friendly, not a pleasant experience. These none-mobile friendly websites will be eliminated from the rankings giving responsive design websites their day in the sun.

Is your website ready? If not, contact us, we can help!


(**February 7, 2013 “Responsive Website Design is the Smart Solution for Business”,  January 20, 2015 “Websites get Freshened up and a Boost from Mobile Traffic”)

Barn Swallow on a Wire, Watercolour Painting

“Barn Swallow on a Wire”

A new addition to the small bird watercolour collection.

iPad Fisherman

“Photo Manipulation”

“Retouching, Simple Editing, Mass Colour Correction, Fashion or Product Photos, Special Effects…not a problem”

Almost every project we work on contains some sort of photo manipulation. Whether it’s a simple colour correction or a custom build combining 3-4 photos to create one. No matter what needs to be done we have the creative talent and over 20 years experience of bringing photos to life.

Do you have a project in-mind that may require photo manipulation? Contact us today >>


(Photo above: iPad Fisherman consisted of 3 photos to create one high resolution photo.)