“Measuring the Impact of Responsive Website Design”

Luke Wroblewski (new window will open) offers a summary of facts of recently published data on the bottom line impact of a number of recent responsive design roll-outs, including Time Inc.’s well-regarded recent redesign.

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Responsive Website Design Moncton New Brunswick

“Responsive website design given praise”. Interview: Daily Newspaper, Times & Transcript

Published in Times & Transcript, Thursday, March 7, 2013, Page A9

By Craig Babstock, Times & Transcript Staff

Graphic designers are a meticulous bunch of people. They like everything precise and exact and want things to look just right.

So when they design a website, then visit that site to see how it looks, they expect it to be perfect. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. “A few years ago it was hugely frustrating when you completed a website, a customer signs off on it and then he views it on a computer and some things have moved,” said Eric Beal, who owns START Communications.

Beal said websites often look different depending on the kind of computer or device used to view them.
“When you design a website, the problem that’s been around since the beginning is making sure what I design is reflected on every screen out there,” he said.

Going from a PC to a Mac can mean different fonts or displaced graphics, and websites can also look different depending on the size of a computer screen. Websites accessed via tablets and smartphones can be distorted or not work properly.
A new method of designing and building websites was created a few years ago called “responsive website design.” Beal described it as the forefront of website development.
Essentially, a responsively designed website responds to the screen size of the device that opens it and displays it properly, without distortion. So businesses only need one website which will work properly for all devices.

Beal said many people aren’t familiar with this new method yet, but over the last six to eight months it’s been gaining momentum and has become available to designers like him. He said he expects as businesses learn about it the will be eager to convert their existing websites.

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